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You booked your hotel? Great.
Now let them know you are coming!


Our vision

Every single stay tailored to perfection


Travelers should not need more than a single application in order to tailor their stays to their needs and wants. This is why egome aims to connect its users to every single hotel they are staying at, whether it is an egome partner or not. We provide the tools for hotels to create a tailored experience for every guest, through process optimization and cutting edge technology.



Tailor each one of your stays.


• Create your stay and enter your booking details.
Customize your needs and send your preferences to your hotel.
• Keep an eye on your stays and update them on the go.
Chat with the concierge of our partner hotels.

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Finally speak of hyper-personalization


• Thanks to egome, hotels are finally able to welcome every customer like regulars.
• Follow, manage and advise your customers before, during and after their stay.
• Customize your egome profile with your own services.
• Enhance your productivity and reactivity by using our chat service.